What We Do

EE Patents caters to persons or organizations in the EE industry who are looking for a company that understands and focuses on their need for enforcement of trademarks, patents, and intellectual property (IP) as well as contingency licensing.

Enforcement of Patents

The law can be quite confusing when dealing with anything related to patents and patentees. The common misconception when you mention the word “patent” is that it gives inventors the right to solely use their inventions at their discretion.

The truth of the matter is that under patent law, it only gives the inventors the right to prevent or exclude others from using their invention. This is where enforcement of patents come in particularly if others have taken the liberty to use the invention without the inventor’s prior approval.

We have partnered with more than one law firm who are experts in the field to make sure that your patent rights are protected.

Licensing of Patents

Patent licenses can either be exclusive or non-exclusive licenses depending on type that you choose. Under exclusive patent license, the owner of the patent transfers everything to the licensee (if other than the patent owner) but retains the patent title.

Under non-exclusive patent license, the owner of the patent promises, in essence, not to sue the licensee (if other than the patent owner) for patent infringement if it does occur.

Our team of patent licensing experts are ready to provide you with all the assistance you would ever need to be sure that you get credited for all your hard work.

We also offer additional services such as technology transfer, patent valuation, IP development and execution of strategies, and IP triage and mining. Contact us now.