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What Is A Patent Bet ?

A patent bet is a three selections bet on different events consisting of three single bets, three 2 combined bets and one 3 combined bet. A patent bet is a Trixie bet with three additional single bets on the three selections.

As with the Trixie, exactly three games are typed in the patent. To do this, you choose a combination bet of 3 and a system bet of 2 out of 3. You then supplement this with 3 individual bets so that 7 betting rows result. You can select this system from most bookmakers directly in the betting slip.

How do I win a patent with the system bet?

If all 3 tips are correct, you have of course won the complete bet with all combination rows. If you are wrong with a tip, you still win 2 single bets as well as a combination of 2 bets. If 2 of the 3 bets are wrong, you win another single bet or free bets.

By these single bets the risk is somewhat lower compared to the Trixie, since you are also on the safe side with 2 wrong tips, win a bet and at least some of the bet remains.

How many bets does a patent bet consist of?

A patent bet consists of a total of seven bets.

How does a patent bet work?

With the three selections all three combination bets with two selections and one combination bet with all three selections are formed. In addition, three single bets are placed on the three selections.

How do I calculate a patent bet?

With a patent bet, the winnings of the single bets as well as the 2 and 3 combination bets are added together. At least one of your selections must win for you to receive a payout. The advantage of a patent bet is that you receive a payout even if only one selection wins. To try the petent bets pls use these betting sites.